• French-German translations
  • English-German translations
  • Proofreading German texts
  • Editing German texts


  • Commercial documents: prospectuses, brochures, catalogues, press releases…
  • Technical texts: scientific articles, product descriptions, manuals…
  • Websites
  • Video transcriptions

Translation and proofreading

Do you want to conquer the German market?
Do you need to have command of the German language in order to convince?
Do you want to adapt your communication to the German culture?

As a German mother tongue translator I can help you realize your projects.

Whether you are an editor, an exporter, a producer, a small company, a multinational or a research laboratory, your texts for the German-speaking target audience need to be impeccable. Imperfect texts are off-putting for the reader. Stylistic errors undermine your credibility. Approximative expressions are ill-advised when it comes to conquering a market or succeeding in negotiations.

I can help you in different ways:

  • Translate your French or English texts into German
  • Adapt your style and message for German-speaking readers
  • Proofread existing German translations (for coherent terminology, accuracy…)
  • Correct your German texts and eliminate all errors (spelling, syntax, grammar…)


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